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Storytelling: From Book to Spoken Word
A udiobooks have become the fastest growing segment in digital communications, as listeners enjoy the convenience of audio streaming and playback of stories on smartphones and tablets. Businesses are also getting into the act, creating podcasts and audio versions of non-fiction works in many different genres, including Science, Career Skills, Commerce & Economy, Marketing, Leadership, Personal Memoirs of Business Leaders, and more.



Listening to a quality audiobook or a serial podcast can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, providing entertainment and enlightenment, whether you’re commuting, riding an exercise bike, waiting for an appointment to begin, gardening, washing dishes, or sitting on the couch sipping brandy, resting tired eyes after a long session in front of a computer screen.

Since Amazon acquired—the clear leader in the audiobook world—opportunities have opened to reach audiences with audiobooks independently, much in the way that authors are successfully self publishing and connecting with readers worldwide.

At Lightspeed Publishing, we embrace this healthy development. We’re enthusiastically launching into the world of audiobooks and podcasts with a talented staff of readers (and more in the wings), as well as audio specialists who can tune and enhance audio files for optimal listening and to meet rigorous specifications.

We are particularly interested in working with small, independent publishers that have a backlist of titles ready to convert to narrative form and—in the process—reach a whole new audience segment.

Talk to us—we can help you create quality audio content and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available as the audiobook revolution progresses.


Reach new audiences by creating a professionally narrated audiobook version of your fiction or non-fiction work. We invite you to select a narrator from the following examples or contact us to request a particular kind of voice and style.

Sample Fiction Narrations

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