Ebook Production

Use Ebooks to Reach New Audiences
Ebooks have become more than a way for independent authors to discover new readers. They’ve also been embraced by companies and organizations looking for ways to attract customers and clients. As a lead generator, ebooks are far more likely to elicit subscribers, interested parties, and prospective customers with whom you are willing to share information. The time-honored mode of trading in the digital age is: give me something of value—preferably for free—and I’ll consider your offerings if you promise not to abuse the privilege. We’re skilled at ebook creation, particularly for corporate clientele, and can help you craft a story, find the best format to present it, and increase your market reach. Formats supported include:


  • PDF
  • XPS
  • .mobi | .azw
  • ePub
  • Keynote
  • PowerPoint

For more on ebooks and epublishing, visit our sister site.  Visit ePublish Yourself!

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